Richard Fowler Gives 3 Suggestions for When Life Seems Impossible to Bear

Does your life ever feel like a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit together? When we feel this way, it’s easy to fall into a discouragement syndrome.

With this mind-set, every aspect of the day tends to take on unpleasant overtones — at work, at home, in dealing with others. Nothing seems right, and there seems to be little prospect of any positive change. This dilemma often leads to continual discouragement, and life is viewed as a drudgery trap.

When life is perceived as being heavy and complex, it becomes seemingly impossible for us to see beyond the narrow confines of the present negative circumstances. One philosopher used the analogy that some people cannot see the whole architecture of life because they have their eyes on one brick — nor can they feel anything except the brick they are holding.

Yet it’s possible to shift your focus. Here are three suggestions to help you change your perspective from pessimism to hope.

1. Look ahead

Look beyond your present problems so that you can see a purpose for your life. In difficult times, it takes strong goals and character to avoid falling into the drudgery trap.

Consider the pain of childbirth. There is purpose in the pain, and the end result – the baby – allows the mother to persevere through the pain.

Similarly, life may seem unbearable for the moment, but you must look up and claim God’s promises, and remember that it will all be worthwhile (1 Corinthians 15:58; Hebrews 12:11). As Christians, we are admonished to keep our eyes on the goal, which is Christ Jesus, the author of our existence and the reason for our hope (Philippians 3:14; Galatians 6:9; Ephesians 6:8). In this way, we are able to alter our attitudes from negative ones to positive ones.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Dr. Richard A. Fowler (Ed.D., LPC, LMFT) is an LPC at HOPEworks Counseling, the counseling division of Hope For The Heart. He is also an author, speaker and consultant.