Prince’s Intimate Handwritten Letters Are Up for Auction

While the Grammys paid tribute to Prince Sunday night (above), fashion and ephemera from the late artist’s life was up for auction, including clothing from on-screen appearances, instruments, signed singles, and select awards. Also: notes, a lot of handwritten notes.

Most are short directives scribbled to assistants and other collaborators—some on paper torn from a composition notebook, some on official letterhead that read “From the desk of Prince” (and later “From the desk of [symbol signifying the name Prince]”). Some are signed, some are not.

Several of the missives were intended for Jackie Swanson, who was the woman in the “Raspberry Beret” video and a close friend of Prince’s (she later played Woody Harrelson’s love interest in Cheers). One of them reads, “Are u well, today? I hope so. I am in Minnesota rehearsing 4 a world tour. I made a song about u and I sing it before every Tuesday’s rehearsal. It’s a cute little ditty entitled ‘Palamino Pleasure Ride.’ Please send me pictures of u, I miss your smile. I am very happy and I hope u are 2.”

Another says, “Jackie, just a note 2 tell u all is well. We dance & sing everyday getting ready 4 a summer tour. I’ll send u my new disc when it’s mastered (tech term),” and on the back it reads, “Sealed with spit.” Each are estimated to go for upward of $2,000.

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Source: Vanity Fair | Kenzie Bryant