Georgia Couple Says Secret to Their 75-Year-Long Marriage Is Church, Singing, and Sex

Robert and Esther Walker eloped more than 75 years ago, and they are still madly in love. (Source: CNN)

More than 75 years have passed, but Robert Walker can close his eyes and see the first time he ever laid eyes on Esther Doby.

She was walking to church in their Atlanta neighborhood. Robert immediately begged her cousin to help him get a date.

“Tell him I’ll give him a date if he’ll get a suit come to church,” Esther said.

“So I went and bought me a suit,” Robert said.

“He kinda grew on me,” she said, laughing.

They eloped on Friday the 13th, 1942. Robert was 20, Esther was 17.

Seven months later he was sent off to the Army to join World War II.

“When we went through the war years, I found out what is was to be alone,” she said. “So when he came come, I just vowed that I wouldn’t let the sun go down with us mad at each other.”

They’ve kept church at the center of their family, and on road trips, they always sing in the car.

After 75 years of marriage, they harmonize on “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” and the 106-year-old song sounds very new.

Living through the great depression made them grateful to have each other, they agreed.

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Tom Ensey