Critics Speak Out Against Katie Couric’s Nat Geo ‘Gender Revolution’, Say Transgender Agenda Harms Kids

Katie Couric in the National Geographic channel documentary “Gender Revolution.”

Katie Couric’s National Geographic channel special “Gender Revolution” furthers the notion that a person’s gender is not determined by their DNA but by psychological self-perception, a belief that harms children, critics say.

In her two-hour long special Monday, Couric interviews several people who have hormonal and genetic abnormalities that cause intersex conditions, academics instituting transgender-affirming policies at a prominent university, medical doctors who perform sex reassignment surgeries and kids who self-identify as the opposite sex and are taking hormone suppressants, and many others. Notably missing from Couric’s documentary was a single voice from anyone who underwent a sex change operation and later regretted it or opinions from physicians who advise against such surgeries.

A “wild inconsistency” takes place when many — even those attempting to be politically correct — talk about this, according to Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for Policy Studies at the Washington D.C.-based Family Research Council.

“The phenomenon of intersex conditions where people are born with a physical or hormonal abnormality or something which makes their sex characteristics not 100 percent male or 100 percent female, that phenomenon is completely and totally distinct from the transgender phenomenon. And the experts say this,” Sprigg said in a Tuesday phone interview with The Christian Post.

He added: “And yet then, when they go about to discuss this issue they will conflate them.”

“What they are not pointing out is that the overwhelming majority of people who identify as transgender do not have any intersex condition biologically. They are 100 percent physically, biologically normal males or normal females who psychologically want to be, and psychologically alone desire to be, the opposite of their biological sex.”

In an interview with The Wrap Monday, Couric said that timing of the documentary was not pegged to the election of the Trump administration but that she could not “think of a better time for people to get to know Americans in this community who are part of this seismic shift and the way we perceive gender.”

But that “seismic shift” is much more than just societal perception of gender.

Sprigg believes that the focus on children, like in National Geographic’s recent cover story and in the Couric documentary, is troubling from a medical ethics standpoint.

“There is considerable research showing that vast majority of children who experience gender dysphoria in childhood or experience some kind of gender non-conformity, or express unhappiness with their with their biological sex and so forth. Left to their own devices, the vast majority of those children will not grow up to be transgender. They will end up as adults identifying with their biological sex,” he said.

Even if one believes in the idea of the possibility of changing genders, he said, people ought to agree that children are in no place to make these kinds of life-altering decisions.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Brandon Showalter