WATCH: Pastor Cory Condrey Gives First Interview with Wife Joann Rosario Condrey After Near-Fatal Head-On Collision, Requests Prayer For ‘No More Pain’

Rain Fire Church pastor Cory Condrey
Rain Fire Church pastor Cory Condrey

After miraculously surviving a near-fatal head-on collision weeks ago, Georgia-based radio personality and pastor, Cory Condrey, is soliciting prayer.

In a Jan. 5 tweet, the Rain Fire Church leader made his specific request known: “No more pain.”

This desire for intercessory prayer comes less than three weeks after an elderly minivan driver speeding in the wrong lane from the opposite direction slammed into the former BET “Lift Every Voice” host’s pickup truck.

The devastating crash left the husband of recording artist Joann Rosario Condrey with several broken ribs and fractured bones in his legs. By the grace of God, he has retained full function of his limbs, though the minister cannot walk while his bones are re-setting following two surgeries.

Cory Condrey’s vehicle was totaled in the car wreck (Photo Credit: Twitter)
Cory Condrey’s vehicle was totaled in the car wreck (Photo Credit: Twitter)

“I keep experiencing the car accident when I close my eyes,” the presently wheelchair-bound Mr. Condrey continued in his tweet, as he shared an astounding image of his totaled vehicle.

But the respected faith leader, known for winning souls to Christ through media and live events, doesn’t want to keep replaying the excruciatingly painful event.

“I must move on!” he said.

The traumatic flashbacks are understandable considering all the co-founder of the Condrey Evangelistic Association has endured.

“It really was unbelievable, everything that has happened and everything we’ve been kind of working through, and dealing with, but God is good,” said Mrs. Condrey in a recent Periscope video during which she was joined by her typically “very private” spouse.

Despite the husband and father of two daughters’ preference for privacy, he instructed his wife to share the details of what could have been a tragedy on Periscope so other believers could pray.

According to Mr. Condrey, he firmly believes in the power of prayer, which is why he requested “prayer warriors” as he was bleeding and in agonizing pain before the ambulance arrived at the scene of the collision.

Photo Credit: Cory and Joann Condrey
Photo Credit: Cory and Joann Condrey

“They probably thought I was crazy out there. I’m like, ‘Are there any prayer warriors here?’” he recalled. But there weren’t, which led the seriously injured preacher to request the presence of his wife, an anointed intercessor.

“I said, ‘Somebody, right now, call my wife. I don’t know where she’s at, but call my wife.’ And I just started giving out her phone number,” he said.

Thankfully, the faith-filled “More, More, More” singer arrived on the scene where she said “the peace of God” overtook her, despite her husband’s visible injuries.

Both prayed that day and continue to do so, along with many other supporters who are standing in faith with the Condrey family for a full and speedy recovery.

Watch the amazing and inspiring testimony below.

SOURCE: EEW Magazine News – Latosha White