Meagan Good Encourages Single Women to Trust God, Offers Advice Ahead of New Lifetime Movie

(PHOTO: PATRICK ECCLESINE) (L to R) Kelly Rowland, Kellee Stewart, Meagan Good, and Keri Hilson star in Lifetime's "Love By The 10th Date", premiering Saturday, January 28th at 8pm ET/PT.
(L to R) Kelly Rowland, Kellee Stewart, Meagan Good, and Keri Hilson star in Lifetime’s “Love By The 10th Date”, premiering Saturday, January 28th at 8pm ET/PT.

Meagan Good is proving to be more than just a pretty face capable of portraying a desirable love interest on screen. In her latest film, the Christian actress is serving both laughs and inspiration as she illustrates the struggles that take place on the journey to love.

In the Lifetime Original Movie “Love by the 10th Date,” Good expands her acting chops by taking on the role of the quirky, laugh out loud funny Gabby. When Gabby’s love life takes a turn for the worst, she decides to take a different approach in dating.

Inspired by a column at the Los Angeles digital magazine where she works, Gabby and Nell, played by Kellee Stewart (“The Soul Man”), decide to take on the rule of going out with a man on 10 dates with no sex in order to find love. In an interview with The Christian Post, Good explained why she was so excited to take on a role that viewers have yet to see her tackle.

“I’m always playing the sexy girl, the serious cop, the love interest or whatever it may be. For me, it’s really just about expanding the types of characters that I take on,” she told The Christian Post. “It’s about expanding in the comedy space as well. Usually when I do comedy I get to be a little funny but I’m also the straight man to somebody else’s funny.”

The actress and producer embraced the fact that the Lifetime film would require her not to have the put together image she has become associated with.

“When I read this character I was like, ‘wow I have to go completely all out and be ok with being in a scarf before you go in a wig, weave falling out and just the physicality of it,'” she recalled.

Along with Good, “Love by the 10th Date” stars some other famous faces like Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Rowland as Margot, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and actress Keri Hilson as Billie (“Think Like a Man”) alongside Stewart whose characters also work with Gabby and help her on the path to love. Since her co-stars are also Christians, Good revealed that the camaraderie was real when the cameras stopped rolling and the down-to-earth entertainers would pray on set with one another.

While viewers will witness their characters navigate the world of dating, marriage and celibacy, Good believes her character could benefit from some God-centered advice.

“I would tell Gabby to be patient, know that God’s timing is perfect. She should use this time that she’s single to focus on bettering her career, getting her life together, getting things set up for what she really desires and her purpose,” Good told CP. “I would say in God’s timing love will come. A lot of times the reason we’re single is because we have to focus on what it is we’re supposed to be doing so that when that person comes along they complement that.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos