Eric Garner’s Widow to Remain In Public Housing Despite $2M Settlement

Esaw Snipes AP
Esaw Snipes AP

Eric Garner’s widow is staying in her housing-project apartment despite a $2.4 million-plus settlement for her husband’s death — because the cash is not counted as disqualifying income, The Post has learned.

Esaw Snipes got a $500,000, up-front payment following a judge’s order in November, and will receive the rest once a dispute among lawyers involved in the case is fully resolved.

Federal rules say she can keep her apartment in the Fulton Houses in Chelsea and won’t even have to pay increased rent, a rep for the New York City Housing Authority said.

NYCHA relocated Snipes to Manhattan from Staten Island following Garner’s deadly 2014 takedown by NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo, according to law enforcement sources.

Snipes and her lawyer, Jonathan Moore, both declined to say why she was still in public housing.

SOURCE: New York Post – Joe Marino, Lorena Mongelli and Bruce Golding