Do You Wish to Know When You Will Die? Blood Test Predicts How Long You Will Live


Scientists have developed a five-minute online test which they claim can accurately determine someone’s chance of surviving the next five years.

Answering just 11 simple questions for women, or 13 for men, is enough to determine your mortality, the researchers say.

The website – which was launched this morning at the website Ubble – is freely available and is designed to work for people living in the UK, aged 40 to 70.

Take the test HERE

The questions involve lifestyle, family structure and broad medical history.

Weight, diet and drinking are not mentioned in the test – and the researchers say the most powerful question is simply ‘how healthy do you feel?’

The scientists claim that their research, published today in the Lancet medical journal, is the most accurate indicator of five-year mortality ever created.

It was based on data from 500,000 British volunteers in the UK Biobank study, who were each tracked over nearly five years and assessed according to 655 health, lifestyle and demographic measurements.

The researchers then used complex algorithms to determine which of the measurements were most closely linked to the participants’ mortality.

Eventually they managed to whittle the 655 measurements down to around a dozen factors which they calculated together gave the best prediction of five-year survival.

The questions are slightly different for men and women, indicating the different factors which influence the health of the two genders.

In further tests on 35,000 people, the tool was found to be 80 per cent accurate.

Source: The Daily Mail