Evangelist and Spoken-Word Artist Clayton Jennings Leaves Renewal Process With Tony Nolan In Favor of Secular Advice

Clayton Jennings is no longer in a renewal process with Tony Nolan. (Clayton Jennings/Facebook)
Clayton Jennings is no longer in a renewal process with Tony Nolan. (Clayton Jennings/Facebook)

Clayton Jennings’ former spiritual mentor, Tony Nolan, says the two have parted ways over Jennings’ renewal process after allegations of sexual misconduct.

“In November 2016, Clayton Jennings reached out to me for help over some sins in his life,” Nolan wrote on Facebook.

Nolan travels the country preaching with the Winter Jam festival. He spiritually mentored evangelist and spoken word artist Jennings.

Last month, Jennings reportedly asked Nolan to assist him in a renewal and repentance process after several women alleged Jennings slept with them before he married his wife. Rumors swirled of Jennings’ alcohol abuse and push of the morning-after pill after sexual encounters.

Nolan says he and Jennings have ended their renewal process and Jennings has sought out secular resources.

“We discussed a biblical process of repentance and renewal and he saw that he needed it and agreed to it. A large part of Clayton’s influence is via social media; therefore, he posted a video on the internet. In the video, I opened by telling about the process and Clayton confessed his sins,” Nolan says.

“Weeks into the repentance journey, Clayton informed me he had secured the services of a secular team to advise him. He asked me if he could follow their advice, yet still be in process with me. I said no, you have to chose one or the other because it’s not in keeping with the original process. He then asked for 24 hours to decide. Upon calling back, he informed me that he had already privately confessed to God about these sexual sins that occurred during his public preaching ministry and he really did not need the process after all and just needs the secular team to navigate from the media fallout of those sins. By default, this post and caption were necessary to clarify Clayton Jennings’ previous public announcement with me.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Jessilyn Justice