WATCH: Pastor Freddy Haynes Responds to Criticism After Cowboys Game Played In Church Sanctuary: ‘We Don’t Confuse the Prophet Ezekiel with Ezekiel Elliott, But We Do Celebrate when Ezekiel Elliott Scores a Touchdown’


Sundays are about family, faith and football, but one Dallas church found a way to combine them all.

Pastor Frederick Haynes, at Friendship West Baptist Church, is a huge Cowboys fan himself. Recently, his church faced some social media backlash after a tweet showed the game playing in the sanctuary.

That day, the church was having a business fair after service and Haynes decided to put the game on TV screens across the church, including the sanctuary.

“We wanted to make sure people had no excuse to go home and watch the game,” Haynes said.

Pastor Haynes said he faced some criticism because some believed the game was on during his sermon. But Haynes assured critics it wasn’t turned on until afterwards. In fact, the church sent out a press release to clear up any confusion.

”We don’t confuse the prophet Ezekiel with Ezekiel Elliott, but we do celebrate when Ezekiel Elliott scores a touchdown,” Haynes said.

Haynes says he’s used football to preach to the faithful. Recently, he preached about Dallas’ new quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott was rejected by some of the top colleges in his home state of Louisiana and ended up at Mississippi State, where he broke records that eventually led him to the Cowboys.

”And, so of course, I preached that rejection can become redirection for your life and set you up for what’s next,” Haynes said. “And so his life story is powerful and something we should also celebrate.”

SOURCE: WFAA – Rebecca Lopez