WATCH: Kellyanne Conway and Whoopi Goldberg Argue Over Donald Trump’s Campaign on ‘The View’


Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, returned to the set of ‘The View’ today and quarreled with Whoopi Goldberg over what’s ‘nasty’ – Hillary Clinton’s tactics or those of the GOP nominee.

‘Let me tell you what’s nasty!’ Conway interjected, when Goldberg suggested Trump’s behavior had hurt people. ‘Nasty is Hillary Clinton’s endless,’ she continued, being interrupted by Goldberg several times. ‘There are tens of millions of dollars in negative advertising as we sit here from Hillary Clinton,’ she said, finally getting her sentence out.

Conway was killed with kindness by ‘The View’s’ co-host Joy Behar, who called the campaign manager a ‘nice girl, this is a nice Italian girl,’ Behar said, before labeling her ‘delusional’ for saying she wasn’t concerned about Trump’s rhetoric on nukes.

With less than a week to go before voters head to the polls, both campaigns are sending their campaign managers to talk to the women of ‘The View’ this week.

Conway went first with Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, appearing on the daytime talk show tomorrow.

Trump’s campaign manager started the segment by talking about the tightening of the presidential race in polling that’s been taken over the past few days.

‘So many people should not have been getting their inaugural ball gowns and popping the campaign corks prematurely because you have to respect people, you have to give the American people a chance to exercise their choice and express their voice,’ she began.

Conway suggested that voters didn’t like being told that Clinton’s win was a done-deal.

‘People tend to snap back and say, “That’s not really fair.” I am going to vote for him,’ she said. ‘And I think Hillary Clinton got a little too comfortable, was waiting out her lead.’

Conway pointed to traditionally blue states that Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine are visiting, suggesting that Trump’s strength is pushing them there.

‘And we’re loving the ABC News poll,’ the said to ‘The View’ co-hosts, as the shows airs on ABC.

The ABC News/Washington Post national tracking poll had Trump 1 point ahead yesterday.

Today Trump and Clinton were tied.

‘Suddenly, you love the media now too right,’ Goldberg jumped in, saying the sentence with snark.

‘Well, I’ve always been pro-media,’ Conway replied.

‘Uh huh. But you remember he said we were all crooked,’ Goldberg shot back. ‘He said the media was crooked, the polls were crooked, everything was crooked and now he’s doing better because they’re neck and neck.’

‘I’m just wondering will it be crooked again if it goes, if he slips in the polls, are we back to crooked?’ Goldberg asked.

Conway said the answer was no, but didn’t answer the question.

‘What I think you need to do is get ready for a chyron that says President-elect Donald J. Trump,’ Conway said.

This comment really got Goldberg going.

‘I don’t care if he ever comes back on this show myself,’ the ‘Sister Act’ star said.

‘I’ve been very clear about that,’ she continued. ‘I’ve been very clear about that because we’ve asked him and he’s also been very nasty about people I care about.’

That’s when Conway leveled her own ‘nasty’ assault, suggesting the negative advertising from the Clinton campaign and the Democrats’ allies have been the true nasty portion of this election cycle.

Trump memorably called Clinton a ‘nasty woman’ at the third and final presidential debate.

Co-host Paula Faris tried breaking it up by turning their attention to the story of the day, which is still the FBI’s decision to tell Congress that new Clinton-associated emails were discovered.

While the FBI didn’t have a warrant to look at the emails until Monday, knowing only of their existence from the metadata on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, Conway floated the idea that there must be some sort of smoking gun inside the cache.

‘There’s obviously something she’s trying to hide,’ Conway said. ‘All 650,000 can’t be of Anthony Weiner taking pictures of himself and texting it to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.’

‘Who knows what’s in there,’ she continued. ‘I don’t know what’s in there. Donald Trump doesn’t know what’s in there. But we respect the FBI wanting to reopen this investigation.’

Goldberg wanted to know why Conway thought the election was all about Clinton’s emails again.

‘It doesn’t matter what I think,’ the campaign manager replied. ‘It matters what the FBI thinks.’

‘I’m asking you because you’re here,’ Goldberg said, again with great sarcasm.

Behar suggested that FBI Director James Comey was going to get in trouble for making a public statement about an investigation that could meddle with a presidential election.

‘I think attacking FBI Director Comey by Hillary Clinton is a very desperate strategy,’ Conway replied. ‘She wasn’t anticipating a tightening in the polls.’

Conway again circled back to Clinton, who in light of the blockbuster FBI announcement has gone negative on Trump in recent days.

‘Where is the Barack Obama, Bill Clinton aspirational message?’ the Republican asked, saying this was not the Democratic Party she remembered from growing up.

Goldberg replied that the ‘Barack Obama aspirational message’ is that ‘anybody can be president,’ arguing Clinton’s election pushes that forward to include women as well.

Next up, it was Behar’s time to troll Conway a bit.

Asking about Trump’s healthcare plan, ‘The View’ co-host asked: ‘He used to be for single payer, is he still into that?’

‘No he’s not,’ Conway said, adding that Trump was for a free market healthcare system, not single-payer, something that the very liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders has advocated for, which Trump expressed support for in the past.

Behar then said one of her biggest concerns with Trump was the statements he’s made about nuclear weapon.

‘Your guy, Donald Trump, he’s very cavalier about using nuclear weapons and even Europe is even not off the table,’ Behar began. ‘Aren’t you petrified? You have four children. That scares me more than any other stupid thing he has said.’

Conway tried to point to the nuclear deal with Iran that the Democrats had ironed out instead.

‘You’re not answering the question,’ Behar cut in. ‘My question is, his rhetoric is off the wall on this topic.’

‘It’s not actually,’ Conway replied.

‘Yes it is. And it worries me a lot,’ Behar shot back.

She wanted to know from Conway if the campaign manager thought Trump’s comments on nukes were reckless.

‘No, his rhetoric is not reckless. You’re cherry-picking comments. He doesn’t mean that he’s going to use them,’ Conway said of nukes.

To that, Behar called the campaign manager ‘delusional.’

‘What scares me is when Hillary Clinton always puts Hillary Clinton first,’ Conway said.

‘The View’s’ studio audience started to laugh at that. They also laughed when Conway replied, ‘That’s what he told me,’ denying that Trump had any Russian business ties.

The women ended the segment with a laugh and a peace offering for Conway, who they applauded for being a good sport.

The giggles came courtesy of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ as they showed Conway the skit where Kate McKinnon, playing the Trump campaign manager, enjoys a ‘day off,’ but is repeatedly hauled into CNN to explain to ‘Jake Tapper’ what Trump really said.

‘Of course black people don’t have one less toe than white people,’ McKinnon-as-Conway says at one point.

In real life, the women gave Conway a gift card to the Trump spa, for when she finally gets that day off.

‘I encourage everyone to vote and express your voice and your choice,’ Conway said, as her final piece of advice.

‘If you will welcome president-elect Trump he will be here,’ she also promised.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Nikki Schwab