University Of Michigan Protesters Demand A Separate But Equal Safe Space For Black Students


In response to Donald Trump’s electoral victory, students at the University of Michigan are planning a campus-wide class walkout Wednesday afternoon. They’re demanding segregated campus space for students of African-American descent.

The event is hosted by Students 4 Justice at The University of Michigan, a group of students “who organize to target inequities on our campus,” according to their Facebook page, which features Black Panthers imagery.

“Trump is a product of white supremacy,” their Facebook page outlining the message of the protest states. “White supremacy is responsible. . . The University must place the safety of its students first and foremost. Most of a University’s population now have their lives at risk. The University must protect us with every power it has available.”

To keep students safe, the group is demanding the university provide separate but equal facility spaces on campus for black students.

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Source: The Federalist | Bre Payton