Nick Cannon Says Ex-Wife Mariah Carey Is ‘Deep Into the Bible’

Getty - Kevork Djansezian
Getty – Kevork Djansezian

Nick Cannon has revealed that along with making him wait until they were married before they had sex, his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, is “deep into the Bible.”

During an interview with the New York City-based “Breakfast Club” morning show on Thursday, Cannon was asked whether or not the international superstar made him wait until marriage to have sex. He responded by saying, “absolutely.”

“We were both on the same page because I was in a place where I was being celibate at the time, and I think that’s one of the ways that we bonded for the first time,” Cannon told co-host Charlamagne tha god who insisted on hearing all of the details behind their decision to wait.

Carey never talked about her vow of abstinence until marriage, but Cannon has often shared their story in hopes that it might inspire other girls who look up to Carey.

“The first time we actually sat down and met it was on some spiritual stuff. We were praying and all that type of stuff and I was like, ‘Woah, I didn’t know Mariah had this side to her.'”

Cannon said Carey often joked during their six-year marriage that she would leave him for a billionaire, and now she’s engaged to one.

Although the Grammy Award-winning singer often talks about romance and heartbreak in her music, Cannon says many don’t really know the real Carey.

“A lot of people don’t know, she’s really a good girl and conservative when it comes to that and deep into the Bible. People just wouldn’t think about that, so we had that connection,” the successful television host said of his ex-wife.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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