Friendship-West Baptist Church Releases Statement of Clarification After Receiving Criticism For Broadcasting Cowboys Game In Sanctuary

via Twitter @JakeFromKonoha
via Twitter @JakeFromKonoha

Good morning world. It has been brought to our attention that we have received a bunch of negative publicity due to us trying out of the box ministry and meeting people where they are. Yes we showed the Dallas-Cowboys game as a part of our West Wall Street Day where AFTER worship we empowered approximately 40 small black owned businesses. The person who took that video and decided to attempt to condemn us to hell did not tell you the entire story. Service was over with and we were transitioning to our after worship event and we decided to put the game on the screen. We did not put the game on the screen to replace anything during our worship service. We take worship very seriously and would not do anything to jeopardize someone’s interaction with God. So for all of you sending us to hell and who say this was wrong even though you WEREN’T there, God bless you!! Sadly, you’ve taken something out of context for your pretext and got conned. Maybe the person who started this untruth wasn’t a Dallas Cowboys fan and wanted to start a little controversy. Journalism 101- Ethics… tell the entire story so people can make their own judgments versus the narrative you want them to believe. God Bless you all and we pray that you have a blessed and empowered week. Go Cowboys! 

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How big are the Cowboys—especially these 9–1 Cowboys—down in Dallas? A local church actually showed the game as Sunday mass was wrapping up on a giant screen.

The Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas projected the team’s 27–17 win over the Ravens for all to see, leaving nearly the entire place thinking about Ezekiel Elliott instead of Ezekiel 3:10. The viewing party did not take place during mass, as many had feared, but rather as mass was turning into an event afterwards.

The church serves the public in all sorts of ways.

SOURCE: Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard – Kenny Ducey