Christians and Churches Gather for National Day of Prayer and Fasting on Day Before November 8 Election


Conservative group the American Family Association is calling on churches and Christians across America to gather in unity on Monday for a national day of prayer and fasting on Election eve, the night before America faces what many have described as a “wretched” choice.

“It is time that we, as Christians, recognize our need to repent of our own wickedness and cry out to the Lord for forgiveness — and that He might heal our broken land (2 Chronicles 7:14),” AFA said in a Facebook post on Sunday ahead of Election Eve.

“We should heed the voice of President Lincoln. He was the man who steered our nation through its greatest crisis, and he knew that God was the only one who could save us,” the group added.

AFA President Tim Wildmon encouraged believers around the country to join in Monday’s prayers, and participate in whatever way they can, be it skipping one or two meals, or in all-day fasting.

“Encourage your church’s clergy, your fellow church family members, neighbors, friends, and relatives to join in,” Wildmon urged.

Americans have one more day to make up their minds before Election Day on Tuesday, where the two front-runners for president, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump, have not inspired much hope in the nation’s Christians.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov