After Meeting with Pres. Obama, Trump Says he Will Change Some Obamacare Provisions

(Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has told The Wall Street Journal that, after discussing the matter with President Barack Obama, he will consider keeping certain parts of the Affordable Care Act, which has been dubbed Obamacare.

In his first interview since being elected Tuesday, Trump said he might keep the prohibition against denial of coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and the provision that allows parents to keep their children on their insurance plan several years into adulthood.

Trump said he liked those two aspects of Obamacare “very much.”

Trump has said repealing the 2010 health care law would be one of his highest priorities after taking office. But in Friday’s interview, he said of his conversation with Obama, “I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that.”

Regarding his top priority when taking office, Trump refused to single one out. “I have a lot of first priorities,” he said.

SOURCE: Voice of America