Black Lives Matter Vandals Spraypaint Slogans on Trump Hotel in Washington D.C.


On Saturday afternoon, a photograph emerged on social media showing the spray-painted facade of Donald Trump’s new multimillion dollar hotel in Washington, D.C. It appeared to have been vandalized.

A prominent member of the White House press corps, April D. Ryan of Urban Radio Networks, also tweeted the image:

The words “No Justice” and the word “Peace,” with a red line through it, flank the left side of what appears to be the front entrance, the words “Black Lives Matter -Van” are sprayed to the right.

Earlier today, security officers were seen putting wooden boards up to block the vandalism:

The hotel, which Trump often touts as being “under budget and ahead of schedule,” for its September 12th opening, was mentioned twice during the GOP candidate’s first Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton Monday night.

Independent Journal Review