Clinic Established by World Gospel Mission and Africa Gospel Church Expands to Include Care for Children With Special Needs

Tenwek Hospital
Tenwek Hospital

Kenyan families and children are getting much-needed medical assistance thanks to a clinic established by World Gospel Mission and Africa Gospel Church.

Tenwek Hospital, located in Bomet, Kenya, which started as a single-nurse dispensary in 1937, is now a 300-bed hospital and training center that is expanding even more with the help of ministry partners.

In addition to being the area’s primary hospital, Tenwek has recently broadened its outreach to include patients and families with special needs.

Dylan Nugent, a doctor at Tenwek, said, “There are more than 7,000 persons with disabilities living in our country, according to a recent government survey, and there is not a single clinic devoted to their care.”

He continued, “Many are children who are unable to attend school, participate in community activities, or get the medical care they need. Tenwek’s initial goals include providing low cost healthcare and medical equipment to children with needs ranging from clubfoot casting to specialized wheelchairs to amputation prosthetics and a host of other assistive devices and rehab services.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine