Pastors John Onwuchekwa, Jason Cook, and James Roberson Discuss Racial Justice and Black-on-Black Crime


Three Pastors Discuss Racial Justice and Common Objections

On this episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast, three pastors discuss some of the most controversial topics in race relations today:

  • What place does black-on-black crime have in discussions about race and policing?
  • Why are so many black men incarcerated, and how should we view this problem?
  • How should Christian leaders respond pastorally to those who have been hurt by racial injustice?
  • Does feeling like the justice system is stacked against them lead young black men to look for power elsewhere?
John Onwuchekwa is a pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta and a TGC Council Associate, Jason Cook is a pastor of Fellowship Memphis and an editor for TGC, and James Roberson is lead pastor ofBridge Church in Brooklyn. They lend experienced and thoughtful perspective to Christians sorting through issues surrounding recent events and the Black Lives Matter movement.

You can listen to this episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast here.

SOURCE: The Gospel Coalition