Kirk Cameron Talks About the Meeting Between Donald Trump and Evangelical Leaders

Kirk Cameron / Getty Images
Kirk Cameron / Getty Images

As Christian leaders continue to share opinions of a recent meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, actor and evangelist Kirk Cameron recently shared his own perspective.

After being invited to the gathering with Trump in New York by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, Cameron was grateful to be included so he could get better acquainted with the potential future president of the United States and his take on social issues.

“I was very thankful that I went,” Cameron told American Family Radio’s “Today’s Issues” program on Thursday. “Aside from the privilege it was to be there in the room and listening to the answers to important questions from the man who may be our new president, it was such a privilege to be in a room with so many people from different Christian backgrounds.”

As explained by Cameron, there were people representing different denominations and various socio-economic categories — among other things.

“We had pastors, lay people, ministry leaders,” the Christian actor shared. “We had men, we had women, young, old, and everyone there [was] expressing their concerns about foreign policy, about domestic policy, Israel, immigration — all those kinds of things.”

It was an inspiration for Cameron to see the Church coming together and linking arms. “To see the whole crowd of 1,000 people on their knees praying to God was just what we need at this time in our country’s history,” the former Growing Pains star continued.

Cameron said it is important for people to understand that the United States’ Founding Fathers created a government structure that doesn’t give one person tremendous amounts of power over and against the power of all the people. He shares that he came away from the gathering in New York with the impression that people in the room knew that to be true.

“Our government is structured in such a way that it is ‘We the people’ who must keep the ship on course,” the Left Behind series actor explained. “To see everyone there praying on their knees was the beginning of the solution — coming together as one, crying out to God for wisdom, repentance and guidance for the future.”

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