Michelle Williams, Mandy Hale Meet After Singer Shared How Christian Author Inspired Her

Finally we meet! So happy to hang with @thesinglewoman during #Bonnaroo! Get to know her y'all! #BeautifulUncertainty

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After months of supporting each other on Twitter Christian author Mandy Hale and gospel singer Michelle Williams have finally met

The pair met this week at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, which happens to be Hale’s home state.

“Finally we meet! So happy to hang with @thesinglewoman during #Bonnaroo,” Williams wrote on Instagram. “Get to know her y’all! #BeautifulUncertainty.”

Hale also showed her appreciation for Williams on Twitter, saying: “Finally got to meet and hang with this beauty yesterday at @Bonnaroo Thank you, @RealMichelleW, for an awesome day.”

Last April, Williams shared how the author had helped her to overcome toxic relationships by writing about Hale’s blog titled “The Man I Thought Was the One.”

“Ladies, READ this and get the book too! I’m healing from this myself,” Williams tweeted.

In Hale’s blog post she shared an open letter she wrote to a previous love interest. After writing books and blogs about her heartbreak, Hale decided it was time to close that chapter in her life once and for all.

“For years I asked God to bring closure to this relationship with you … or if not closure, at least a little clarity about what it all meant. This on again, off again, never quite together, never quite apart, yes and no, back and forth relationship,” Hale revealed in the open letter on her blog. “What was your greater purpose in my life, if not to be my forever love? It just didn’t make sense to me.

“The further away you pulled from me … the closer you pushed me to God. Oh, the conversations I had with God that started off about you but turned into intimate, precious, communion with Him about every topic under the sun,” she wrote. “So many heartfelt, transparent, real, raw, candid moments I shared with my precious Jesus…all because I was driven to my knees in prayer about you and for you.”

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