Facebook Page of Texas Mother Who Shot Her Two Daughters Contains Prayer Requests and Bible Verses

Christy Sheats (Facebook)
Christy Sheats (Facebook)

Was it her mental illness that drove the Christian mother to stab and then shoot her daughters during a family meeting? 

Police recently told People magazine Christy Sheats’ “mental crisis” had brought them to her home before the devastating incident.

Then last Friday, Sheats reportedly called a family meeting where she stabbed her two daughters and then shot them.

Seventeen-year-old Madison died in the house. Taylor, 22, later died in the hospital from her injuries.

Police later shot and killed Sheats when they saw her shooting Taylor in the streets outside their home. Jason Sheats, the girls’ father, reportedly watched the whole thing.

“It was a family argument that turned into a shooting,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said. “But we’re still trying to put the pieces together.”

Her Facebook page contains prayer requests and mentions of 1 Corinthians 13.

SOURCE: Charisma News
Jessilyn Justice