WATCH: John MacArthur Believes Many People In the Hispanic World Do Not Know “the True Gospel”

John MacArthur
John MacArthur

Ignoring the well-documented explosion of Pentecostalism in Hispanic nations, Pastor John MacArthur believes that people in the Spanish-speaking world do not know “the true gospel.”

In a recently released YouTube video from the Master’s Seminary, where MacArthur serves as president, he makes several broad statements about the state of Christianity in the Hispanic world, basically arguing that Hispanics are moving away from Catholicism, but saying not one word about the corresponding rise in Pentecostalism in these same nations.

No stranger to controversy and strong statements, MacArthur said: “We all understand the people in the Hispanic world know about Jesus Christ, they know about the Bible, they know about God, they know about salvation, at least in some ways. They have biblical terminology because of the impact historically of the Roman Catholic Church, but they don’t know Christ. And they don’t know the gospel of grace, and they don’t know the full revelation of Scripture.”

In light of his broad statements, The Christian Post contacted John MacArthur to ask him to elaborate given the proliferation of Protestants in Latin America. He responded:

“Over the course of my ministry, I’ve pastored thousands of Hispanic believers, have ministered in many Latin American countries, and have seen our ministry launch a seminary in Mexico City to train men in Latin America for gospel ministry. Two years ago, I was given the privilege of preaching in the Dominican Republic at the Por Su Causa event with 10,000 brothers and sisters, and I look forward to participating in that event at the end of this month. This doesn’t change the reality that the vast majority of the Hispanic world is trapped in the false doctrine of Roman Catholic theology, and I’m grateful that the true gospel is powerfully infiltrating that world.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Brandon Showalter