U. S. Christian Families Urged to Open Homes to African Orphans

Reuters Children at an orphanage in Malawi.
Children at an orphanage in Malawi.

Growing up without a family for guidance and support would have to be one of the saddest and most challenging ordeals a young child can undergo.

Christian families in the United States, however, can help make orphans from other parts of the world feel some love and share God’s Word to these less fortunate kids.

An international group called Force for Christ is encouraging Christians in the U.S. to open up their homes and adopt orphans this summer.

Chad LaForce, who works for Force for Christ, explained that his group is willing to help Christian families facilitate the temporary adoption of kids without parents from the African nation of Malawi from July to August this year.

“Hosting is where an orphan child from another country comes and stays for a period of between four to six weeks with a Christian family in the United States. And so we facilitate that whole process,” LaForce told MNNOnline.org.

He said Malawi was chosen this year because thousands and thousands of children there grow up without families due to poverty, starvation and diseases like HIV that have claimed the lives of their parents.

“A lot of their twenty-and-thirty-something-year-old parents, many of them die. So you have thousands of orphans without an orphanage, without any infrastructure, oftentimes without food—literally with just the shirt on their back,” LaForce said.

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SOURCE: Christian Today
Andre Mitchell