Five Things You Can Do About Transgender Restrooms: Speak Out, Take Action

Eric Metaxas
Eric Metaxas

The government’s staggering overreach last Friday smacks more of colonial tyranny than anything I can remember. Parents are rightly outraged, but what can we do?

My BreakPoint colleague, John Stonestreet, and I are both dads.  In fact, we are both dads of daughters. Thus, Friday’s bathroom edict from the Obama Administration hit particularly close to home, since it is girls like our daughters that are the most vulnerable.

But what can we do? As we like to say at the Colson Center, outrage is not a strategy. So I’d like to propose five things.

First, as John said on Monday, we have to understand the issue. This is a biggie, folks, on a number of levels: government overreach and ideological extortion, denial of biological realities, equivocation with civil rights, and on and on. At, we’ve compiled the best resources we could find to explain the gravity of this staggering exercise in government tyranny.

Second, we have to speak out. As American citizens, we should contact our state leaders and encourage them not to allow this blatant violation of state sovereignty—which it is—to go unchecked. As parents, we should contact our school boards and principals, and demand to know how they plan to protect all the children in the school in light of this edict.

Third, it’s time to talk to your children about the transgender issues. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. And none of us thought we’d have to add this to our plan in raising our children, but at times, our culture leaves us no choice. We all need to have “the talk” with our children, and today “the talk” includes not only the birds and the bees, but also gender, identity, marriage, and how to hold convictions about these things with courage, grace, and truth.

If you don’t talk to your children about these things, someone else—the media, the schools, the government, their peers—will.

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SOURCE: Breakpoint
Eric Metaxas