American Family Association Delivers 1 Million #BoycottTarget Petition Signatures, Meets with Senior Management Over Transgender Bathroom Issue


American Family Association (AFA) has hand-delivered one million petition signatures to Target headquarters in Minneapolis.

AFA leadership also briefly met with Target senior management about the group’s concerns over the retail giant’s bathroom policy.

AFA’s immensely successful and unprecedented #BoycottTarget pledge campaign has garnered more than 1.2 million signatures in just three weeks.

Apprehensive Americans, like those at AFA, say they do not want women and children put in harm’s way.

“American Family Association is appreciative that Target representatives were willing to accept the signatures of more than one million Americans and meet with us about our deep distress over Target’s unsafe bathroom policy, which permits anyone who identifies with another gender to enter the restroom or fitting room of the opposite sex,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon.

“As we have stated time and again, our worries do not stem from the transgender community, but rather, from those predators and voyeurs with evil intentions who would take advantage of the policy to potentially harm women and children.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine