WATCH: Armstrong Williams Booed at Al Sharpton’s NAN Convention for Saying ‘Everything in America Not Always About Race’


Longtime Ben Carson aide Armstrong Williams participated in a panel at the National Action Network Convention today and ended up getting booed.

The panel was moderated by Al Sharpton, head of the National Action Network, and featured Williams, John Podesta, Omarosa, Lawrence O’Donnell, and others to talk about the 2016 election.

Williams said, “We sit here, you hear the race speeches, because they feel that’s what you want to hear today. Everything in America is not always about race.”

He was promptly booed.

A little later on, there were hisses in the audience as he trashed Hillary Clinton (before she was scheduled to speak there) and declared, “Do not allow the Clintons and the establishment to waltz in here and waive their hand and everything is okay! Let them earn your vote!”

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SOURCE: Mediaite