Reuters Poll Finds Public Support for Transgender Bathrooms Is Falling

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Public support for the progressives’ goal of mandatory mixed-sex rest rooms is down by 20 points since mid-April as more Americans face the once-ludicrous prospect of being forced to share facilities with people of the opposite sex, according to a new Reuters poll.

The poll showed that support for mixed-sex bathrooms dropped 8 points from 46 percent on April 13 to 38 percent on April 19.

Support for normal, single-sex, bathrooms shot up by one-third, or 12 points, from 35 percent up to 47 percent by April 19, according to the survey.

This 20-point public rebuke of the progressive agenda is occurring despite massive media cheerleading for progressives’ transgender priorities, including greater social status for a male athlete, Bruce Jenner, who now wishes to live as a woman named Caitlyn. The bigger goal of the bathroom push, however, would be to force American adults and youths to agree to share their public bathrooms and changing rooms with the small number of people who try to live and look like people of the opposite sex.

It’s likely that few Americans even notice the country’s few transsexuals as they use public bathrooms. That live-and-let-live compromise allows decent treatment of a pitied minority, while also keeping the legal tools to forcibly exclude transgenders in sensitive situations, such as the presence of children. 

Since the Reuters poll was completed, hostile progressives have increased their effort to destroy the current live-and-let-live compromise.

For example, on April 19, a federal court said schools were required to have only mixed-sex bathrooms in Virginia, and could not have single-sex bathrooms. The decision would make it impossible for schools to have bathrooms just for boys or just for girls, and it would also be impossible for schools to comply with federal privacy laws, said a statement from the judge who opposed the decision.

On the same day, Target stores announced they would only allow mixed-sex changing rooms and toilets.

On April 21, numerous media outlets claimed that Donald Trump supported the progressive campaign to eliminate single-sex bathrooms. In fact, Trump favors the current live-and-let-live practice of ignoring quiet transgender people in bathrooms, and he said any future law requiring transgender-ready bathrooms would be discriminatory and also expensive for companies. “Leave [the law] the way it is,” he recommended.

Reuters seems to want to hide the dramatic shift in its news report announcing the poll.

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SOURCE: Breitbart
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