Measles Case Reported at California School


The Yuba River Charter School in Nevada County, California — a county with one of the lowest immunization rates in the state — closed Tuesday after a child there was diagnosed with measles. California’s department of public health is reportedly investigating the child, who “showed symptoms of measles after returning home from a trip overseas.”

He’s fine, but he was also infectious at school on March 17, which means his unvaccinated classmates were exposed to the highly contagious disease. If no new cases are reported, the school will be closed to all students until Wednesday and closed to students without a measles vaccine until April 8.

Coincidentally, YRCS’s immunization rate is even lower than the county average — according to the Huffington Post, only 43 percent of kindergarteners there are up to date on their immunizations. That number is even lower than the already-low county average of 77.1 percent of kindergarteners who meet the requirement.

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SOURCE: NY Mag, Claire Landsbaum