ISIS Is Burning Bibles

The Bibles and text books piled up / Assyrians of Iraq
The Bibles and text books piled up / Assyrians of Iraq

The “books of infidels” were tossed onto huge fires and destroyed

This video released by ISIS is reported to show members of its religious police throwing hundreds of Christian books on to a fire.

The footage sees boxes and boxes of text, pamphlets and bibles going up in flames after they were collected from churches and schools across the area.

Militants believe the books belong to “infidels” and needed to be destroyed as they try to get rid of anything which doesn’t adhere to their violent interpretation of Islam.

The burning took place in Mosul, northern Iraq, an area which say mass exodus of Christian residents as ISIS took over the region in June 2014.

Local media activist Abdullah al-Mulla told ARA News in Mosul: “ISIS jihadis burned hundreds of Christian textbooks in central Mosul, having collected them earlier last week from the schools and churches of the city.

“The militants have also collected a lot of Christian textbooks from the Dawassa district near the Martyrs’ Park and publicly burned them.”

The footage has been uploaded to social media and was seen by refugees in Germany.

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