Giant Sinkhole Opens Up on Detroit’s West Side


Detroit Police are advising motorists to stay clear of the eastbound lanes of Tireman on the city’s west side because of a giant sinkhole.

The police department retweeted a photo from Fox 2 Detroit (WJBK) showing several officers standing near the sinkhole at the intersection with Greenfield. The officers appear to be dwarfed by the size of the opening in the pavement.

Bryan Peckinpaugh, spokesman for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, said a sewer pipe failed underneath the street, which apparently caused the sinkhole. Officials do not know what caused the sewer pipe to fail.

“We have a team en route that will place a camera down into the sewer line to identify the cause of the break in the sewer pipe. After they make that determination, we will have an estimated repair time,” Peckinpaugh said in an e-mail. “No businesses and no homes are impacted. Only the street. We have no reports of sewer backups in that area.”

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SOURCE: Detroit Free Press, Eric D. Lawrence