Former Drug Addict Plays the Role of Jesus With Crown of Syringes In Church of England Easter Ad

The Church of England has replaced the traditional Crown of Thorns with a 'crown of syringes' for its #EasterJoy film
The Church of England has replaced the traditional Crown of Thorns with a ‘crown of syringes’ for its #EasterJoy film

A “crown of syringes” has replaced the traditional crown of thorns in a film released by the Church of England to mark Easter.

The film is a modern-day Passion Play and stars people who have fought drug addiction, crime and homelessness with the help of faith.

It is based on Psalm 22 and contains the lines, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” that were spoken by Jesus on the Cross.

The film is based on the addiction and recovery stories of people who have found help through The Saturday Gathering, a church in Halifax. Some of the stories are also featured on

The true-life stories include Emma, who at 24 feels she has something to live for for the first time in her life after a chaotic upbringing led her to drugs, alcohol and self-harming. “Her darkest time was last year when she lost a baby and she still suffers pangs of hopelessness now where she questions her faith and God, but without her faith, and the family she has found at the Saturday Gathering, she firmly believes she wouldn’t be here,” the Church said.

Another unlikely star is Rob, who lived on the streets since a young boy and has been in and out of reform homes. He became a drug addict and his older brother committed suicide. After walking into an open church he came to faith at the Saturday Gathering and has rebuilt his life, recently celebrating his 46th birthday with his mother at the church.

And there is also Brenda, who was heavily involved in the Wicca movement and who came to faith in Jesus after helping out at a night shelter run by local churches. She is now training to be a leader and has a vocation to the priesthood.

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SOURCE: Christian Today
Ruth Gledhill