Does ‘Doing Good’ Matter as a Christian?

(Courtesy of Chip Ingram)
(Courtesy of Chip Ingram)

In America today, we have the highest percentage of people who say they have no spiritual affiliation. There is a growing generation that is disillusioned with organized religion, especially Christianity.

I believe the main reason for this is because when the non-religious people meet the religious people they see a huge disconnect between the religious people’s beliefs and lifestyles. In my own experience as a pastor, I’ve found that most Christians’ lives don’t reflect the very words Jesus taught. Our character, relationships and even how we spend our money doesn’t accurately reveal our faith.

In the Epistle to Titus, the Apostle Paul writes to a young pastor on the island of Crete who was facing a lot of similar challenges within the Church. During this time, the culture of Crete reflected a lifestyle of moral laxness and corruption, and the Christians were beginning to adopt a lot of the Cretan’s attitudes and behaviors.

Paul instructs Titus to teach the Christians to reject this Cretan immoral lifestyle and to live like Christ instead – to do whatever is good.

Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone. (Titus 3:1-2)

Yet for many of us who are seeking to walk with God, we see “doing good” as important but not a requirement. We might wonder, if we’re completely forgiven and saved by grace (Eph 2:8), then why does it really matter if we do good works or not?

The truth is, doing good matters a lot to God! This is an issue that is just as important to us now as it was during the Apostle Paul’s time. The Scriptures are clear that doing good is more than just the icing on the cake in our relationship with Christ.

What is “doing good”? It is not about trying hard to be a moral person or checking off a list of good deeds. It’s a mindset, a thought life, and a relational aspect. It’s about loving ourselves, others and God.

Doing good matters because it reveals God’s loving and grace-filled passion for all people. The message of the Gospel is validated by the peace and purity of our lives and the concern we have for each other.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Chip Ingram