Actor and Christian Stephen Baldwin Endorses Donald Trump for President

(Image Credit: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic/Getty Images)
(Image Credit: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Actor Stephen Baldwin, star of the new film “God’s Club,” is supporting Donald Trump for president, telling The Church Boys podcast this week why he believes that the Republican businessman is the best possible candidate.

Baldwin, who was twice a cast member on “Celebrity Apprentice” and was also “fired” by Trump two times on the show, said that he finds it refreshing that Trump “messes it up sometimes” when speaking, citing the candidate’s clear rejection of political correctness.

“I like Donald Trump because — I said this to Don Lemon on CNN a week before the first Republican national debate — I said, ‘I like Donald Trump as a man, I like Donald Trump potentially as a president, because he doesn’t care what you think.’”

Baldwin said that Trump will hear out peoples’ opinions, but that he will do “what’s best for the country” and won’t compromise his views.

“All these other guys — God bless them,” the actor said of Trump’s fellow Republican candidates. “A couple of them are Christians … they’re politicians and I believe in my opinion the one guy that will really do his very best to do what he says he’s doing to do without compromise [is Trump].”

Speaking of Trump’s business success, Baldwin said that the now-presidential candidate is “blessed” and has “lived the American dream.” Furthermore, the entertainer said that Trump is “more ‘regular joe’” than many realize.

“Underneath it I really just think he’s a family guy,” Baldwin said. “He’s more down-to-earth than people realize.”

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SOURCE: The Blaze