Is the Enemy Attacking Your Church In These Areas Today?


Some years ago, I wrote a book entitled, Discipled Warriors. My goal in that book was to help churches produce disciples whose godly lives threaten the enemy. I also addressed the six purposes of the church – worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, prayer, and fellowship – while describing how the enemy attacks the church in each of these areas.

Use this checklist to evaluate where the enemy may be winning in your church today:

  1. Worship. The enemy wants your church to turn worship inwardly – to focus more on the worshipers than the One being worshiped.
  • Is your church battling over worship styles?
  • Is your service more focused on people gathering away from the world or on people going to the world as a result of worshiping God?
  1. Evangelism. The enemy wants your folks to avoid evangelism completely.
  • What percentage of your members really believe that all non-believers are lost?
  • What percentage of your members know the gospel and are sharing it?
  1. Discipleship. The enemy doesn’t want anyone to be discipled through your church. He particularly doesn’t want anyone putting on the full armor of God (Eph. 6:11).
  • Do your members live more like Jesus or more like the devil?
  • Does your church have a clear, intentional process for growing believers into Christian maturity? If not, you’re sending them into the war unarmed – and they will lose.

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