Pastoral Leader Gary Dull Urges Congregations to Make 2016 a Year of Prayer for Their Pastors


Most people would agree that one of the most stressful jobs in the world is that of a pastor.  But Gary Dull, a pastor himself, says it’s difficult for church members to understand the spiritual battles facing their pastors.

Dull also serves as board member of the American Pastors Network and vice president of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network.

“Whether it’s the battle of getting distracted or the battle of not being able to spend time in the study for preparation for preaching,” says Dull. “Whether it’s the battle of their family life, or the battle that they deal with even outside the church and inside the church, the spiritual battles are great.”

Church congregations need to recognize those struggles and difficulties, says Dull, and even if they can’t relate to them, prayers are needed.

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Bill Bumpas