Spotify Can Be the DJ at Your Next Party


Spotify is getting into the DJ business.

Starting Wednesday, the streaming music service is releasing a feature for its iOS and Android apps known as Spotify Party.

Party is designed to serve up mixed playlists of music that can get your guests to wind up or wind down at your next soiree, reception or blowout.

The feature is Spotify’s effort to demonstrate that it’s more than just a music app for lone listeners. With more than 75 million active listeners, Spotify is still playing catch-up with rival Pandora, which has more than 80 million users. Spotify also now competes with Apple Music, which counts around 15 million users since launching in June.

Where will you find Spotify Party? The feature is nestled in the Genres & Moods area within the Browse section on an iPhone or Android phone, according to a Spotify spokeswoman.

And how does Spotify Party act as your virtual DJ?

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SOURCE: Cnet, Lance Whitney