Mexican Court Grants ‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch Temporary Stay Against Deportation


Ethan Couch and his mother are fighting removal from Mexico, which will likely delay their return to the U.S. for the time being, officials said this morning.

The pair was arrested in Puerto Vallarta this week after Ethan Couch, the teen whose trial popularized the term “affluenza,” missed a probation check-in weeks ago.

Mexican authorities and the U.S. Marshals service were coordinating their return, which was slated for today.

But the Associated Press reports that Ethan Couch has won a temporary stay against deportation — an order that has put his return trip on hold.

“We had plans to get em back today, but we were told that at this point we can stand down until further notice,” Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson said.

Anderson added that he doesn’t know what the court filing says or how long it might be before the mom and son are brought to the U.S.

“I’ve learned at this point to not surprised by what these people will do and how far they will go to not face justice,” Anderson said.

The U.S. Marshal service could not immediately be reached for comment, but officials said at a news conference Tuesday that the extradition process can take anywhere from just a few days to several weeks.

SOURCE: Naheed Rajwani
The Dallas Morning News