’60 Minutes’ Gets a Close-Up Look Inside Apple

Apple’s weekly executive meetings at its Cupertino campus.
Apple’s weekly executive meetings at its Cupertino campus.

CBS’ “60 Minutes” took a look inside Apple last night, on Sunday evening, and Charlie Rose was given the opportunity of firing questions at CEO Tim Cook, design guru Jony Ive, retail boss Angela Ahrendts, and other members of Apple’s team. As such, a huge range of topics, including design, security, and what it’s like to get a job with Apple, were discussed in the program.

There is, in fact, a full transcript of the episode available, and provided viewers live inside the United States, you can still watch the program online, at the “60 Minutes” website. However, a couple of pieces from the segment stand out.

Weekly meetings, design labs

Rose, for instance, got to take a look at Apple’s weekly executive meeting at the Cupertino campus. These take place every Monday morning, and must be attended by all members of the executive team at Apple (take a look at the picture above).

He also got to step inside Jony Ive’s design labs, though here, almost every table was covered with a blanket. These, Ive explained, were in place to prevent Rose from seeing a “glimpse of the future” as he visited the labs; the design team is testing products we might not see appear in retail stores for many years, and as such, the items underneath these blankets were top, top secret. Rose did get to see the 10 versions of handset Ive considered for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and similar testing and debate is taken with each and every Apple product, the design chief explained.

Jony Ive's secret design labs.

Jony Ive’s secret design labs.

Rose got to look at an Apple Store “of the future,” as we expected, and he sat down with Phil Schiller and CEO Tim Cook.

The entire segment is definitely worth watching, if you can; as mentioned, a transcript is available online, as well as the “60 Minutes” episode (provided you’re watching from the United States).

SOURCE: AppAdvice