Advice for Christian shoppers on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

On this Cyber Monday, a day when consumers shop online for Christmas gifts and other items, some organizations are offering advice to Christians and conservatives. is one of the ministries and faith-based organizations offering information on various businesses and where they stand on social issues and or the word “Christmas.” The group of conservatives wants to help consumers make better decisions by letting them know where their money really goes when they make purchases.

Similarly, Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) is an organization with an index to show consumers the faith-compatibility of various brands.

“As Christians,” says FDC founder Chris Stone, “We have a great opportunity to be stewards of all that God gave us, including what we spend in the consumer marketplace.”

American Family Association (AFA) has also released its annual Naughty or Nice List, which rates top retailers on how they market to Christmas shoppers.

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Chris Woodward