What You Need to Know for the First Year of Marriage


For newlyweds, marriage is filled with so many hopes and expectations. With that in mind, we asked recent brides who’ve been married five or fewer years for their advice on that first critical year.

“Spend the ‘honeymoon year’ both together and apart. It’s good to take a day or a weekend now and then to reconnect with close friends, spend a little time alone, and let your partner miss you (and vice versa).” — Erica Nonni, Nonni Marketing

“Marriage is a lot like a new job. Treat it like work and work hard. Be patient and learn as you grow. Just the way these efforts pay off well in a job, they pay off extremely well in a marriage.” — Surabhi Surendra, Blogger at Womanatics

“The transition from ‘I’ to ‘we’ can be a difficult one. Even as you’re dating, you still mostly operate independently, but after you get married and settle into your new life together, the meaning of partnership becomes infinitely more important. Now your finances are tied, family vacations are done as a duo, and your last name becomes one. All of this equals a shift in identity. The more newlyweds can maintain open communication and compromise, they create healthy communication patterns and trust for each other that strengthen the bond.” — Kristen Rocco, Founder of Love Notery

“Just because you’re married now, it doesn’t mean that you’re now a knower of all things that make him laugh, sad, angry, irritated, etc. Treat each other like you’re still dating. Learn from each other, learn about each other, engage with each other, and know that it’s okay not to know (or love) everything about each other. Also, revel in it and don’t think about the future. As blissful and exciting as the first year of marriage is, a lot of times it comes with pressure to have a plan for the rest of your lives. Just enjoy being together and pat yourselves on the back for having thrown a kick-ass wedding.” — Kerry Cheney

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Source: Brides | Whitney C. Harris