Orange Letter Campaign Launched to Remember Coptic Christians Who Were Martyred by ISIS


Christian bloggers are encouraging fellow believers to reach out to the families of Coptic Christians who were martyred by ISIS terrorists earlier this year.

“We want people to know that this persecution is real and it is happening to real people,” says writer Teddy James. “It’s not some faceless people on the other side of the world that we’ll see.”

James and other writers at online website Engage Magazine have launched the Orange Letter Campaign, drawing their idea from the orange jumpsuits worn by the men beheaded after they refused to renounce their faith. Engage is a ministry of the American Family Association.

Engage has teamed with missionary ministry e3, which has dubbed the same campaign “21 Letters.”

A link at the e3 website allows people to submit a Bible verse, a “Prayer of Support,” and “Words of Encouragement.”


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Bill Bumpas, Billy Davis