Sarah Jakes says Putting God First Is the Key to Balancing Being a Wife, Mother and First Lady


Sarah Jakes has found the key to successfully balancing the multiple roles in her life. Her secret is to put God first.

As a wife, mother, author, first lady and businesswoman, Jakes could easily be overwhelmed, but thanks to her relationship with Christ, she approaches life with confidence no matter what the day may bring.

“My faith sets the tone for each day,” said Jakes, who recently published her third book, “Dear Mary – Lessons From the Mother of Jesus for the Modern Mom.”

“Through prayer, I welcome God into the flow of my day, and pray for His direction as issues arise. I am adamant about asking God to reveal my role in the life of my loved ones for that day, so that I’m sensitive to their needs. Also, I ask God to protect and progress all that my family does.”

Her strong faith has been especially helpful in her role as first lady of One Church LA, led by her husband, Pastor Touré Roberts. Together, they minister to a growing congregation, including those in the television, film and music industries.

Of course, Jakes is quite familiar with serving in the church. She led the women’s ministry at The Potter’s House, a world-renowned, nondenominational, multicultural church in Dallas, Texas, led by her parents, Bishop T.D. and Mrs. Serita Jakes. Also, she hosted “The Potter’s Touch,” a daily inspirational program that airs nationwide.

Still, the role of first lady can be both exciting and challenging, admitted Jakes, who said, “One of the primary blessings that comes with serving our church is the loving nature in which they receive people from all different walks of life. Another gift that comes with being a part of One Church LA is the commitment the community has to authenticity.

“One of the challenges of being a First Lady is that you must constantly combat the heightened insecurities that come naturally with womanhood. However, I do believe that the challenge also presents an opportunity to be a compassionate leader to other women, whom we lead,” she shared.

Jakes’ love and compassion for other women inspired her to write “Dear Mary,” which she described as “a book for mothers on every level.”

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Source: LA Sentinel