Father of ‘Baby Doe’ Says He Doesn’t Believe Mother Would Have Hurt Her


The biological father of the murdered 2-year-old girl who for nearly three months was known simply as “Baby Doe” says he doesn’t believe the girl’s mother would have harmed her.

Massachusetts authorities arrested the mother, Rachelle Bond, and her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, on Friday, after police spent weeks trying to identify the body of the tiny toddler found on a Boston beach.

Her identity was revealed Friday as Bella Bond.

The girl’s father, Joe Amoroso, defended Rachelle Bond, 40, following her arrest. She has been charged with being an accessory after the fact, and is accused of trying to cover up the girl’s death.

McCarthy, 35, has been charged with murder.

“I know with all my heart that Rachelle would never do anything to hurt anybody,” Amoroso told NBC affiliate WHDH. “I was with the woman. This is the mother of my child.”

Bella’s body — about 3-1/2 feet tall and just over 30 pounds — had been in the early stages of decomposition when it was found in a trash bag on June 25, investigators said. They released a computer image of what she looked like in an effort to identify her. The picture appeared on billboards and was shared extensively on social media.

Meanwhile, Amoroso said he had been in Florida and only returned to Massachusetts in August, according to WHDH.

Patricia Quinn, Amoroso’ mother, told the station that she hadn’t seen her granddaughter since 2013, and wasn’t certain if the girl being shown in the pictures could have been Bella.

“I said to myself, ‘She looks like Bella,'” Quinn said. “But we weren’t sure, you know.”

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SOURCE: NBC News, Erik Ortiz