Duggar Family Reportedly Braces for News that Josh Duggar May Have Had More Mistresses

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

As Amy Duggar prepared for her big day on Sunday, the rest of the Duggar family was hoping for a temporary reprieve amid the cheating scandal surrounding Josh.

“Everything with Josh was like a death in the family,” a source close to the family tells “ET.” “They’re hoping Amy’s wedding can be an escape — a much-needed day of happiness.”

Josh Duggar was expected to miss his cousin Amy’s wedding on Sunday in Northwest Arkansas. The embattled “19 Kids and Counting” star is currently seeking treatment at Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois. “That’s the way it should be,” the source says.

Now, the family is focusing on prayer and healing, but the source tells “ET” it won’t be surprising if it comes out that Josh may have had more mistresses. Recently porn star Danica Dillon sat down exclusively with “ET” for her first on-camera interview, where she shared explicit new allegations about her alleged sexual encounters with Josh.

“It’s all so sad, and at this point, who knows what else will come to light,” the source says.

Last month, Josh released a statement admitting to being unfaithful to his wife Anna after news broke that he reportedly had created two Ashley Madison accounts.

Prior to the cheating scandal, Josh admitted to molesting five young girls — four of whom were his younger sisters — as a teenager.

“The molestations were completely shocking to the extended family,” the source tells “ET.” “And it really seems like Josh preyed on the girls that were quiet — girls who he maybe didn’t think would know what he was doing was wrong.”

Josh and Anna have been married since September 2008, and have four children together: Mackynzie, 5, Michael, 4, Marcus, 2, and Meredith, who was born in July. While Josh is expected to stay in Illinois, the family is anticipating that his wife Anna will make an appearance for Amy’s nuptials to Dillon King.

“What Anna is going through is unimaginable. The goal is that everyone enjoys the day,” the source says. “[Amy] really wants this day to be about love and the future. No one is quite sure how Anna will be or how long she’ll stay but this day is about support and positivity.”

Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle have also had trouble coming to terms with the scandals.

“Jim Bob and Michelle are the people they appear to be on TV — they are good people and will be there to support Amy,” another source close to the family tells “ET.” “But they are staying quiet with even closest family right now. Everyone has just told Jim Bob and Michelle they are praying for them.”

“Jim Bob and Michelle will get through this, but they clearly need time,” the source adds.

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