Russell Moore on Planned Parenthood vs. Jesus Christ

Pastor Russell Moore

It turns out that everyone sends Christmas cards, including Planned Parenthood. I know this because several years ago a friend sent me a copy of one being sent out by the currently-being-investigated organization. The card was a Christmas homily to “reproductive freedom,” beautifully designed with embossed snowflakes and stars made of glitter. And emblazoned across the card was the caption, “Choice on Earth.”

The latest undercover Planned Parenthood video is out, and it is horrific. Who can watch these pirates discussing the trafficking of the eyeballs of babies, and not be shaken to the conscience? Any person of goodwill, regardless of religious faith or lack thereof, ought to be able to see the humanity destroyed by this violent organization of pirates. For Christians, though, we ought to remember that behind all of this violence is a question of the person of Jesus Christ. He has been to the abortion clinic too.

Remember: Jesus was not born into a gauzy, snowy “winter wonderland” of sweetly-singing angels and cute reindeer nuzzling one another at the side of his manger. He was born into a warzone. Jesus was chased out of his manger and into Egypt by one of Planned Parenthood’s ancestors, King Herod, who also sacrificed Bethlehem’s infant children for the sake of power.

Demonic powers have always hated babies because they have always hated Jesus. When they destroy the “least of these” — the most vulnerable among us — they’re destroying a picture of Jesus Himself, of the child delivered by the woman who crushes their head (Gen 3:15). They know the human race is saved — and they’re vanquished — by a woman giving birth (Gal 4:4; 1 Tim 2:15). They are grinding apart Jesus’ brothers and sisters (Matt 25:40). They are also destroying the very picture of newness of life and of dependent trust that characterizes life in the kingdom of Christ (Matt 18:4). Children also mean blessing — a perfect target for those who seek only to kill and destroy (John 10:10).

The reason we Christians talk so much about protecting unborn life — and the reason we are committed to the closure of any organization that tries to profit from the unborn’s destruction — is that we know that an assault on an infant is an assault on the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is, after all, grounded in the uniqueness of humanity in creation, redemption, and consummation. Behind the questions of whether we should abort babies or torture prisoners or harass immigrants or buy slaves is a larger question: “Who is the Christ, the Son of the Living God?” If Jesus shares humanity with us, and if the goal of the kingdom is humanity in Christ, then life must matter to the church.

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SOURCE: Russell Moore