Roma Downey Thankful and Humbled by Fans’ Support of New “Answered Prayers” Series

(Photo: Courtesy of LightWorkers Media) Roma Downey, host of the TLC series "Answered Prayers."
(Photo: Courtesy of LightWorkers Media)
Roma Downey, host of the TLC series “Answered Prayers.”

Roma Downey’s riveting new six-part series “Answered Prayers,” which features real-life stories of people in potentially life-threatening situations who experience divine intervention, says she’s “thankful” and “humbled” by fans’ support for the show.

“We are humbled by the support of so many national prayer leaders, and thankful for how this show is inspiring so many to pray again,” said Downey about the series which has now moved to primetime at 8 p.m. ET Sundays on the TLC network.

As one of the show’s executive producers, Downey hosts each one-hour episode that incorporates actual footage and interviews paired with powerful reenactments.

Since the series first debuted on July 26, featured stories have included an Indiana family that survived a Category 5 tornado. This week, viewers will see the miraculous story of a Detroit pastor who nearly lost his life after being stabbed 37 times.

Other miraculous stories shared in coming weeks will include a family that survived their car plunging deep into an icy river bank as well as that of a little boy saved after being buried for hours under 11 feet of sand.

“I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to make this. People of faith will be drawn to this. It’s a breath of fresh air,” the “Touched by an Angel” star recently told The Christian Post.

“We’re so grateful to all those families that trusted us to tell their stories. … What we see woven through all of these stories is that there’s a moment when they call out to God and they’ve said, ‘God please help me’ or ‘help this family.’ And we see through these beautiful reenactments how God has worked in their lives,” Downey said recently on TBN’s popular Christian talk show “Praise the Lord.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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