Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church Doesn’t Miss a Beat After Building is Destroyed by Fire; Holds Baptismal Service Outside With Baptisms in a Horse Trough


Even without a building, Sunday service at Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church hasn’t missed a beat.

Fifteen minutes after Pastor Charlie Davis left the church Friday, he received a call saying the building was on fire. As the fire spread, so did news of what was happening and he watched with many of his flock as smoke billowed out of their house of worship.

“Just a sick feeling you see that and kind of emotional to watch it,” Davis said.

The sanctuary suffered water and smoke damage but the second floor and the newly renovated children’s ministry burned.

“It’s totally destroyed and so we’re heartbroken but not beaten,” Kerry Bruce, a nursery worker said. “We really wanted people to see it. It would take much more than that for our church to be taken down.”

Without a building to host the church services, they’re improvising with church on the lawn and baptisms in a horse trough.

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SOURCE: Karma Dickerson