Alveda King Likens Planned Parenthood to Depraved “Grave Robbers”

Alveda King
Alveda King

As more graphic details about Planned Parenthood’s and StemExpress’ deceptive tactics continue to be exposed, Dr. Alveda King candidly expressed her take on the major players in the abortion industry, likening them to depraved “grave robbers.”


“Their use of trickery to achieve political, financial, or legal purposes knows no limits,” King contends. “The abortion/body harvesting machine is now admitting that they also procure adult stem cells from the mothers they have sometimes butchered and even killed.”

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King believes that it is about time that the American public becomes aware of the hidden atrocities that Planned Parenthood and StemExpress have been getting away with for years in the name of advancing medicine.

“Their underhanded schemes, corruption and political chicanery are no longer behind closed doors,” the Democrat-turned-Republican proclaimed. “The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) is keeping it out in the open.”

King said the practices being administered by Planned Parenthood and StemExpress show their true depravity, which should not be obscured with euphemisms often touted by the media.

“We could call the body snatchers grave robbers, but since their baby victims rarely get a decent burial, we have to call a spade a spade,” the 64-year-old Christian leader asserts. “These people kill and harvest people for profit.”

Exposing exploiters?

She insists that both abortion profiteers take advantage of pregnant women’s stressful predicaments for their own financial gain.

“They are taking stem cells and body parts at a time when the mother is awaiting their abortion ‘services,’” King informed. “She is likely conflicted, sedated, scared and subject to agree to anything without understanding what is really happening while she is in their clutches.”

The Atlanta native argues that both Planned Parenthood and StemExpress are making double profits off women, charging them for killing the babies whose body parts they then sell for more proceeds.

“Meanwhile, the abortion providers and scientists are after her baby’s body parts, umbilical cord blood, mothers eggs and ovaries and God knows what else they might be harvesting and trading for money,” the pro-life advocate explains. “And they charge the mother upfront and make her sign papers to cover their trail. She consents and pays a fee for impending doom.”

King emphasizes that both Planned Parenthood and StemExpress repeatedly deny being in the deliberate business of profiting off of abortions, quoting their response to the allegations brought before them by part six of CMP’s expose.

“[We] never obtained blood or tissue samples from a patient without first obtaining consent,” a statement from representatives of the two abortion businesses expressed. “Like all of their previous material, today’s video by CMP is deceptively edited and falsely worded to suggest impropriety or illegality where none exists.”

Both went on to say that they are providing a service for humanity and forwarding medicine — mentioning nothing about killing healthy preborn children and selling their mutilated body parts for a profit, while charging mothers for conducting the lethal procedures.

“CMP’s continued efforts to malign StemExpress — a life sciences company that predominantly supplies adult cells, blood and tissue to the nation’s leading researchers — will only serve to slow the pace of life-saving medical research aimed at curing disease and extending quality of life for millions of Americans.” The statement from Planned Parenthood and StemExpress concluded.

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow
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