Christian Virginia Rappers Launch “Wish I Knew” Movement for the Fatherless


The phrase “Renaissance movement” is no longer a moniker for classical artists like Da Vinci, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

Three Virginia rappers who go by the names Legin, Mike, and Sinai are using the same title to create a different kind of renaissance.

They hope this new move will create a rebirth in today’s culture using hip-hop, the music a recent study called the most important music genre in the past century.

“Renaissance is a family of artists. We love God, love the Gospel, and really enjoy hip-hop,” Legin, founder of Rennaissance Movement Music, said. “And we use that as a tool to communicate what’s most sacred to us.”

Pancakes to Music Label

Seven years ago, a concert revelation combined with pancakes put Legin on his journey.

“My wife dragged me kicking and screaming to a Christian hip-hop show. I did not want to go, I thought it was corny, stupid,” Legin, who’s real name is Nigel Anderson, recalled. “[I thought] you can’t mix those two things. But I went to it and I saw guys [who] were so good at what they did, proclaiming the gospel and all.”

“That night we went to I-Hop and decided we’re going to start something called the ‘renaissance movement,'” he added.

The Renaissance Movement’s mission is to “challenge the culture.” They use similar beats, hooks, and rhymes that attract masses to hip-hop while countering the usual negative messages with the Gospel.

“Our saying for renaissance is challenge the culture — how can you know what to challenge if you don’t know what’s being produced,” Jermaine Morris, whose stage name is Sinai, said.

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